The Foundation for the Study and Development of Biotherapies is a foundation hosted by the Fondation de France. This means that it benefits from the legal personality of the Fondation de France.

The administrative, legal and fiscal management of the Foundation is carried out by the teams of the Fondation de France.

A committee of volunteer directors proposes investment projects that are then validated by the Fondation de France teams.

This committee is composed of:

  • Alain Dublanchet, physician, honorary hospital biologist, former head of the microbiology laboratory at the Villeneuve-Saint-Georges Hospital (Val-de-Marne), specialist in phagotherapy, author of the book La phagothérapie, des virus pour combattre les infections“.
  • Frédéric Imbs, former co-founder and manager for 28 years of RAL Diagnostics, a company specializing in medical diagnostics.
  • Jacques Le Marois, president of the Foundation, co-founder and former director of the companies Mandrakesoft and Geneanet, as well as the associations Geneabank and Familles Parisiennes.
  • Marie-Hélène Marchand, Honorary Secretary General of the Institut Pasteur, and author of “A History of the Institut Pasteur, at the Heart of Global Public Health”.
  • Stéphanie Maugey-Brunelle, corporate director and private manager at Financière d’Uzès.
  • Valérie Le Marois, Montessori educator, co-founder of the Foundation.