Foundation for the Study and Development of Biotherapies

Are you aware that there are treatments available for serious diseases such as antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases, and severe allergies?

These treatments are based on living beings and can therefore be grouped under the name of “biotherapies”. Etymologically speaking, this means treatment using living organisms. This is the case, for example, of phagotherapy or helminthic therapy.

These treatments have been shown to be beneficial by numerous scientific studies. They are nevertheless prohibited in many countries.

The reason? In order for treatments to be authorized, regulations require clinical studies demonstrating their effectiveness. These studies are costly to carry out. These treatments are based on living beings and therefore not patentable. It is therefore difficult for a for-profit company to finance studies that will allow their generalization, knowing that there will be no possibility to market the treatment exclusively. This is why these studies must be conducted with disinterested funding.

The objective of the foundation is to raise funds to establish a center of expertise on biotherapies in France, within recognized institutions.

We need you for this!

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