Making a donation is very simple

The Foundation for the Study and Development of Biotherapies is a foundation hosted by the Fondation de France.

To make a donation, simply go to the dedicated page on the Fondation de France website by clicking on this link.

What guarantees are there that the funds will be spent wisely?

The Foundation is hosted by the Fondation de France. This means that it benefits from the legal entity of the Fondation de France and is managed and closely controlled by it.

The Fondation de France – “The Foundation of all causes” – is a recognized institution whose actions are regularly audited by the French Cour des Comptes.

Expenditures are proposed by a committee of volunteer administrators and then validated by the Fondation de France teams.

What are the costs of the Foundation?

The costs of the Foundation are minimal: The Fondation de France takes 3% of the sums invested and in exchange handles the administrative management of the Foundation. It is planned to use a press relations agency to manage the Foundation’s relationship with the media.

To learn more about the structure of the Foundation you can visit the page “About us“.